Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Adventure Continues, Video: Laugher/Fundamentals

So I decided to post a game of decidedly lower quality this time. Partially just so I post something and partially because it illustrates fundamentals pretty well. As I state in the video, I am going to start to check out some of the clubs in the area this week, so hopefully I can find one to regularly attend. I might post another video later in the week, a good game that ends after an abrupt error. As always, I welcome any comments and suggestions.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Enjoy the Archives, 'Like' the blog

I know I need to be posting materials, but what with moving and all I have a rather major hurdle to this: I don't have Internet in my apartment yet. So I will take this time to plug the Archive, located on the right side of the blog a few tabs down. From there you have access to every post I have ever made on this blog. I recommend looking at some of the earlier posts so you can see just how far I've come as a blogger.

Those of you with a facebook account, I would appreciate if you could take 5 seconds to 'Like' the blog if you enjoy the posts I make here.

Hoping to have Internet in the next 2 weeks, so until then I am forced back to the stone age of pictures and text commentary, or random posts like this one. Now would also be a good time to make suggestions, as I have little else to do with my blog until getting my own apartment Internet access.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Quick Post

Thought I would post a humorous position from my night game last night. It was a fitting end to a very long day of tough chess. White to move.

Things look bleak at first glance, however white can not only easily draw this, but he can do it with style. I played:

1. Rb6+! Kg7 2. Rg6+!! draw

The game is drawn because any capture on g6 results in stalemate. If the king moves, I can either keep putting my rook next to him giving checks or just take on g5 and have a very easy draw.

Imagination at its finest. Two more games today in the Iowa Open, then moving Monday and working Tuesday.

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