Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fun Tactics

I decided for this post to give you some more tactics. These tactics are a bit more abstract than the straightforward ones I usually post. In the next few days I may post a game I annotated. Enjoy:

Tactic #1: Difficulty: Moderately Hard, Black to move (From a win against a GM online).

Tactic #2: Difficulty: Easy, White to move.

Tactic #3: Difficulty: Hard, Black to move (From a win against a different GM online).


1. ...Bc3! is the best way to simplify. (1. ...Bd1 is the only other reasonable move) 2. Nxg4 (Any rook move loses to either Bxf6 or taking the rook.) 2. ...Bxe5 3. Nxe5 Ke7 with a superior ending that was eventually converted.

1. c4! wins a pawn. 1. ...Qd8 2. cxd5 and if 2. ...Qxd5 3. Qxc5! keeps the pawn. In the game, black played 2. ...cxd4, when 3. Qxe4+! gained the pawn anyway, and white went on to quickly win.

Black is up a piece, but it is being attacked and is pinned to the rook.
1. ...Bxg2!! is the finishing blow. Black will remain up material with an easy win in sight. In the game, 2. Qxd4 Qxh3+ and white resigned due to losing the f1 rook after Kg1 Qh1+ Kf2 Bxf1.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Some More Tactics

Sorry for the absence everyone (the 2 or 3 of you that read this). I decided to post a few more tactics before I really get back into frequent writing on here. Questions/Comments and Suggestions on what you would like to see on the blog can be sent to

Tactic #1 Difficulty: Moderate, White to Move

Tactic #2 Difficulty: Moderately Easy, White to Move


#1: (Two solutions) 1. Qc8!! Qe7 2. Qxd8!! and white will win very shortly.;

1. Qc6!! (which was played in the game) Qe7 2. Qxd5 and the game concluded ...Nc7 3. Nf7+ black resigned.

#2: 1. Rxf6! black resigned since Nf7 is mate, ...h6 is the best move, but is equally hopeless.

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